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The case study of the Par Tòt Donkeys

Over the past few days, I've been diligently working on illustrations for a scientific paper that delves into an in-depth examination. This study explores the positive influence of cultural activities on people's well-being and was conducted in collaboration with international experts.

The cover features a carefully crafted collage of participants in a parade in Bologna, highlighting the core messages of this work. It invites the reader to explore the significant aspects of art, culture, community, and education that promote and enrich well-being. Although my initial typography idea took a different direction in the end, I am more than satisfied with the result.I'm also happy to share the illustrations with you. These visual elements provide a deeper insight into the positive impacts of cultural activities on well-being, complementing our research. Just a quick stop, and then it's back to work on creating more visualizations for this project.

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